Home orientation.
Looking to the greater good.

Achieving the greatest energy efficiencies and human comfort benefits for your AGH home and your family comes down to a single, crucial aspect: Orientation.

The home's design, comfort and thermal performance depends on the sun, season, climate, surrounding landscape and local wind direction. Designed with all these elements in mind your ‘green’ home 
will provide benefits now and for generations to come.

Here are our top 5 orientation tips

  • Orientation
    In the Southern Hemisphere, the correct and most beneficial orientation is facing north.

  • Landscaping
    Consider landscape around the proposed site and how things like other buildings, trees and the length of the block could affect solar benefits.

  • Winter Sun
    Cooler climates should utilise the winter sun orientation for natural warmth where the sun penetrates living area windows.

  • Prevailing Breezes
    Research prevailing breezes, these should be utilised to ensure they flow through the home.

  • Natural light
    In design of your AGH home, think about how and when the sun will penetrate living areas - you’re looking for natural warmth and cool at the right times.

Being Sustainable

Doing a world of good.

Passive design is the key to sustainable building maximising comfort and health while minimising energy use.

Using passive design can reduce temperature fluctuations, improve indoor air quality and make a home drier and more enjoyable to live in. It can also reduce energy use and environmental impacts such as greenhouse gas emissions.

Here are some simple passive design tips